Adventure Photo Canada was started by the award winning, Ramtin Kazemi. He believe that adventure is the fuel of life! Traveling through the backcountry, chasing the light is what drives us to take images that showcase nature at its very best. Ramtin has nothing but passion to explore planet earth. He believes that the results of your landscape photography relies heavily on how much you want to explore which is why we have climbed mountains, hiked rugged terrain to be able to capture mother nature at its best.

The beauty of venturing out on a tour with AdventurePhotoCanada is that you don't have to hike with heavy packs for long hours. Our team of experts will take you there with helicopters where there are no roads to be found. Every tour is unique and requires its own transportation system. We know the perfect spots and we will do everything we can to make it a pleasing experience for you. Canada has no shortage of raw beauty and we want to share some of our favorite spots with you. We will take you on an adventure of a lifetime, capturing images that wanderers crave and at the end of it all, we'll share our highly detailed processing secrets with you. Join us!



An artist whose imagery relies on Landscape Photography is a creature of the light... Waking up before sunrise and coming back to tent after sunset is what goes into capturing Mother Nature's most magical moments. It's all about the journey! It's this journey into the wild that I am passionate about. When you look at an image that speaks to you, one thing to remember is that it's a result of nothing but time, passion and love.

I started photography as a hobby. I have a degree from Recording Arts Canada and my background is actually in music and audio. I quickly realized that the audio industry wasn't for me because I couldn't be myself. I had to please the crowd! After picking up my first camera, I fell in love with it specially because I enjoyed the outdoors.  I really enjoy the journey through my lenses and love to explore the backcountry of planet Earth and photograph places that have been rarely seen by the human eye. My passion for adventure in the wilderness and pristine landscapes is what drives me to do what I do. Nature has been a big part of my life as far as I remember and my life would be very little without the influence of the wilderness. What I always say, is one must remember that photography comes after the journey itself! I have been working hard and I'm ready to share it all with you! I'm talking about experiencing it in person which brings us to my photo tours.

We live in a digital age. Cameras are now designed to create flat RAW files that must be post processed in the digital dark room. Back in the film days, the media had to be developed and it's no different now. The only difference is that we have now a lot more tools and possibilities thanks to Adobe's Photoshop. In order to produce images that are pleasing to the human eye, the artist must know imagery. We must understand the basics like composition, lighting and color. These fundamentals are unavoidable. Settings, cameras, lenses and tools come second. Nothing should matter until one understands how to add depth to a still image! I use lots of different techniques on my work... exposure blending, perspective blending, or even blending different moments of time. I do what I can to make my photographs presentable and nothing will ever stop me and take my creative freedom away.
I have always been a passionate individual about what I do. Whether it be cooking at home, or my photography. I don't consider myself a politically correct person because I don't like to be fake. I will speak my mind and I believe that true art needs to be saved! With today's modern equipment being more affordable than ever, everyone's creating "art". And that's a good thing but It is very important that the general public improve their knowledge about art which is why I started my photo tours and instructions. I have no secrets and I'm ready to share it with you all.